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Wassily Leontief and Input-Output Economics book

Wassily Leontief and Input-Output Economics book

Wassily Leontief and Input-Output Economics. Erik Dietzenbacher, Michael L. Lahr

Wassily Leontief and Input-Output Economics

ISBN: 0521832381,9780521832380 | 420 pages | 11 Mb

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Wassily Leontief and Input-Output Economics Erik Dietzenbacher, Michael L. Lahr
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Soros loves to stock his foundations with distinguished, collectivist emigrés from Eastern Europe and Russia. Wartime planning needs also helped to stimulate the development of input-output accounts. In the 1930s Wassily Leontief published a pair of articles that laid the groundwork for input-output economics. Years later, I ran into Professor Wassily Leontief, founder of input-output economics, at a [George] Soros party. This is called input-output analysis. These features, while not always fully exploited, make input-output economics especially suitable for environmental analysis. The aim of this paper is to supply both a description and an interpretation-key of the recent developments in the Austrian Economics, with particular attention for the role played by the concept of «entrepreneurial discovery». Wassily LEONTIEF is well-known among economic scholars for input-output analysis — namely, predicting the amount of production output that will occur from the insertion of specified inputs. The leading academic critic of aggregate planning was Wassily Leontief, a Nobel Prize winner in economics, and the inventor of the input-output method of statistical organization which underlies the GDP analysis. Wassily Leontief was a Russian expatriate; he developed mathematical and empirical techniques for describing the production process of an economy in terms of input-output tables. Significantly, the pioneer theorist and initial investigator of input-output analysis, Wassily Leontief, was a student at the University of Leningrad in the mid 1920s. Leontief's first article on input–output analysis, entitled 'Quantitative Input and Output Relations in the Economic System of the United States', was published in the Review of Economics and Statistics in 1936. Der Name des Ökonomen Wassily Leontief wird immer mit der Idee der Input-Output-Analyse verbunden bleiben. Input-output accounts that subsequently became an integral part of the NIPA's. À cet égard, l'analyse input-output de Wassily Leontief apparaît comme l'archétype de l'instrument économique et statistique développé pour mettre en œuvre des politiques économiques de planification. Obviously there is a close connection to the input output analysis, mainly developed by the economist Wassily Leontief. (San Petersburgo, 1906 – Nueva York, 1999) Destacado economista estadounidense por sus estudios y desarrollo de la metodología input-output de análisis económico, por la que se le otorgó el premio Nobel de Su experiencia profesional ha sido tan variada que desde pasar por la organización de la red ferroviaria china, entró a formar parte del cuerpo de profesores de la Universidad de Harvard, donde fundó en 1939 el Economic Research Proyect. Nobel laureate Wassily Leontief developed the U.S.